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Are you great with cats and dogs?

Do you love dogs? Do you work from home or are you home during a 24 hour period during the week? Be a dog sitter. You can do it once a week or 7 days a week. You get to choose how many days a week you are free to dog sit. The average pay is $25 a day. If you dog sit 30 days then that would be 30 x 25 = $750. You are able to give the criteria of the dogs you are willing to dog sit. For example if you only want small dogs that is ok. If you love larger dogs great! You can sit 2 dogs at a time as well, but they of course would need to be able to get along. You would just review each request, and if you are able to dog sit according to the owners request, they would then bring the dog to your home and you then dog sit for them. To apply text your name and your background with dogs. You will then need to fill out a application to apply to be a dog sitter.