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$30. 00 / Night Dog Boarding - Quality, Individualized Pet Care

I'm Derek and I'd love to host your dog next time you go out of town! Want to learn more about me and my services? Enter this link into your browser, and send me a message directly from my profile on Rover: http: //locatedogboarding. com/sit/derekluck/c New to Rover? Get $20 off your first booking by using the promo code DL7149020. Valid for first-time Rover customers only. About MeI have had dogs/cats my entire life - they've always had a soft spot in my heart. As a child I dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian, after working in the school system for almost 5 years... I finally decided to follow my dream. As of now, I've been working for a Veterinary Hospital for 1 year. I'm working on becoming a certified Veterinary Technician, with hopes to one day work for an Avian and Exotics Pet Hospital. I am skilled with working on geriatric clients, as well as new pups. I myself have had to deal the pain of having a pet suffer through cancer - I know how and when to give medications, warning signs to watch for, the whole nine yards - I'm also lucky enough to work in the medical field AND pet sit a client that has Diabetes. That being said, I'm also skilled with giving injections and immuno-therapy. I am quite the animal enthusiast. I am currently the father of 1 lovely Golden Retriever, age 1 - Lily; I have two fresh water fish tanks. One, a female Betta community, the other a South African Chiclid tank. I also have a 8 month old Ball Python, his name is Neville; and a 6 month old Bearded Dragon named Reptar. I want to be able to give each of your pets what is best for them. With that being said, I will only be keeping or seeing one pet family at a time. Don't fret - that means I'll see multiple pets from the same house hold. This will hopefully make all parties involved be more comfortable and allow one on one attention for your fur babies. My Lily is always happy to tag along, assuming your pooches like companions. I truly want to become a Pet Sitter because I love spending my time with animals. I love meeting new pets, as well as catching up with old ones. I don't really have a lot of time in my daily life, so this is also to help keep me active, by keeping your furbabies up and active as well. Let's go on long walks, to dog parks or the lake - exercise and meet new friendly faces. Stroll through downtown, or just down the street on my farm. The options are pretty endless and your pet will feel love, affection, and companionship the entire time. It's my hope to find a regular buddy to either house sit or take on walks. I come with reviews, as I have been dog sitting for a while, but had trouble finding clients on my own through word of mouth. I love ALL dogs - big and small... from the itty bitty dachshunds to the gigantic mastiffs and danes. I work right off of Walnut and live off Tryon. I can pretty much cater to the Cary/Raleigh area with no problem. During work days I have an hour lunch break in which I can possibly squeeze in a walk and potty break