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Soccer Game for kids around 6-12 years old

Hello friends! I wish to arrange a soccer game for my son tomorrow. He had his first game today on a school team, and it turned out unfairly stacked against him getting to really test out how his practice has payed off. He has made a great deal of progress over the last 2 years or so and puts a lot of honest effort into practice. Help me to correct an injustice, and let's arrange tomorrow for a game of soccer made of childhood joy and neighbors united! Girls and boys equally welcome! I will gladly team up with anyone who feels too discouraged to enjoy the game, so anyone with the will to join in will have at least a little fun, as I make an effective ally. I can provide some water on ice an see what I can do to get some food together, it would of course be great if you could bring anything additional(such as chairs perhaps or blankets to sit on, etc. ) I've already arranged about 6 kids for the game, tomorrow (Sunday) at 2: 15pm at Goot Park in Camas. Please aid me in being a decent father in an unfair world! I am willing to provide labor in return if that would encourage you to bring player/s, it would in fact be my honor to help in return. Have a great rest of your day, and feel free to call text or email me for additional information. My name is Adam