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Custom Made 10, 000 Game Arcade Machines

price: 2 690

The ultimate experience in retro gaming: take the arcade home! With your own arcade machine you can play more than 6500 classic games plus 1000's of titles from consoles such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Atari and Sega Genesis in comfort of your home. With more than 5 years of retro building, Arcade Time Machine is passionate about hand crafting the most authentic arcade experience. Built in Canada, able to deliver throughout Canada and the USA! Check out our Mancave model, available with 2-player or 4-player console: - Exclusive slim but sturdy cabinet design, made from quality durable laminated MDF - Easy menu for game selection by joystick - Customizable graphics for front, sides and top LED backlit marquee - Customizable control panel, authentic HAPP arcade grade buttons & joysticks - LCD TV technology - Volume control and one button on/off switch - Measures 24"x24"x72", weight approx. 175lbs - Comes pre-loaded with 10, 000 games including classics like Street Fighter 2, Bubble Bobble, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, Wrestlemania, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros and more! 2 player Mancave model: http: //arcadetimemachine. com/store/home/12-2-player-stand-up-arcade-machine-mancave-model. html 4 Player Mancave model: http: //arcadetimemachine. com/store/home/13-4-player-stand-up-arcade-machine-mancave-model. html https: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=cSaIcKCjrK0 Still thinking it over? - 1 year warranty on parts & labour - Made in Vancouver BC! - Delivery approx. $275 - Commercial model available Store: http: //www. arcadetimemachine. com/store Social Media: IG: https: //www. instagram. com/arcadetimemachine FB: https: //www. facebook. com/arcadesaretimeless